Blender Light Manager

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Blender Light Manager

Paulo Silva
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Blender Light Manager  - Blender 2.91+

This Blender addon provides you with a light list with helpful controls to tweak your lighting.

I created it because I grew frustrated trying to adjust Blender lights using a linear slider. Use a fstop scale to more intuitively adjust light intensity by doubling/halving the light intensity.

Lights in the real world work typically in an fstop scale, where +1 fstops doubles the light intensity and -1 fstops halves the light intensity. That’s why the linear slider is so frustrating to use, it can have a massive difference or minuscule depending on the base value of the light and to which side you are adjusting the light.

Adjust each light in detail by using the solo button. Or easily change light color or type.

 Tweak your lighting as a photographer or cinematographer would!

Install Addon by going to Preferences > Add-ons > install and activate it to start using it.

Tested on Blender 2.83 and 2.91

I want this!

Manage your lights in Blender

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